Ludo Online!

Developer Erger Je Niet! (Dutch title)

Ludo Online! is a Unity multiplayer game in which up to four players can play against each other. This was my first project where I attempted to use the new Unity Networking HLAPI. Because of the special way Unity Networking was setup, I had a tough time wrapping my head around it for the first couple of weeks. Especially because (at that time) there was no clear documentation on how to setup a turn based game at all. Eventually (with some hacks here 'n there) I managed to create a functioning Ludo game.

I also created a web backend where a player can register and login to see statistics, highscores and edit user data. The web backend is created with php, html5 and CSS3.

The user also has the possibility to login, edit user details, view highscores or register in-game. This is done by establishing a connection to a MySQLi database hosted on a webserver.

The web back-end can be viewed here

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